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Thread: Star Trek Titanium or Micro Machine sized ships

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    As I've said before, I'll wait to judge all the new designs until I see them in their full context. I remember being shocked by the U.S.S. Vengeance when it was first leaked, thinking it made no sense as a Starfleet ship...until I realized in full context that it was a Section 31 secret warship with weapons developed by Khan...then it made sense.

    People have said the Shenzou's bridge design seems too radically different to The Cage Enterprise, but now we've learned that the Shenzou is an older ship, perhaps from the time period of the Kelvin or even earlier. That makes sense, considering in TNG and DS9 we saw Miranda, Oberth and Excelsior class ships still in service (with some interior upgrades). And the Shenzou bridge shares more in common with the NX bridge or the Kelvin bridge, so that fits.

    That being said, the Discovery's design is growing on me. I'd really like to see it in motion from several different dynamic angles. I still think there's more to the ship story-wise than "oh look it's the new hero ship". In that teaser from last year it launched from an asteroid dry dock; perhaps it's a special or secretive kind of ship in some way. Maybe there is something to the Klingon-ness of it story-wise.
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    Looks like we're getting two new long-overdue JJ Abrams-verse Star Trek art books this fall!

    Bosski's Feedback

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    New EM pics via Diamond/Previews:

    Shame the "Kazon Warship" is a raider, I was hoping for the Predator class. Maybe it's coming later as Ben R said they're doing "all" of the Kazon designs.
    I'm thinking that this K-7 pic shows an earlier proto: we've seen it in green, grey, and now blue.

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    Here's K-7 colour-corrected to what folks saw at the MCM convention, for what it's worth.

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    New EM ships look great. Love how predatory the smuggler ship looks. It's amazing to think it's a redress of that ubiquitous transport.

    Great news about those art books! They might be self-given Xmas presents.

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    Getting misty eyed about the Kazon ship, the Furuta version was one of the first ships I purchased
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    People seem disappointed it's this Trabe Ship, but really it's the iconic one so I'm pretty happy. Would be great to see the rest of the Trabe ships though!
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    Those look great. I haven't decided to go all-in yet as I just collect Starfleet/Federation ships, but I might have to get that K-7.

    I saw that Ben is toying with the idea of a mini-series of Star Trek: The Animated Series on Twitter. I'd love to see that. Someone posted this link with some of the ships in the series:

    The USS Bonaventure and USS Hurron along with a few unique shuttles would be great.

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