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Thread: Star Trek Titanium or Micro Machine sized ships

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    Haha! I'll say this much and then back off the Titan issue. I don't necessarily think it is a terrible design so much as just a bit forgettable and perhaps a missed opportunity. I wish it were a bit more original. When I look at her, I don't see a cohesive starship design so much as bits and pieces of other, more successful designs, like the Sovereign, Akira, Reliant, all jammed together a bit uncomfortably. The lines and shapes don't flow into each other the way they do on the Sovereign, and the blockiness of the nacelles and weapons/sensor? pod seem at odds with the more fluid shapes of the pylons and saucer (to be fair, I have the same issue with the Akira). I just wish it brought something new to the table and had an original design statement to make. I get the physiological relationship to the Reliant and Nebula as far as a configuration legacy, but for me the various parts just don't hang together as tightly as they do on those classes. It feels like a kitbash, albeit a pretty one.

    That all said, does it feel appropriate to its era? Absolutely. Is the EM model attractive? Certainly. It will make a fine addition to a starship miniature collection and look great alongside its contemporaries like the Akira, Sovereign, Steamrunner, etc. As DD observed, the more muted tones in which it has been 'rendered' as a physical miniature do much to make it feel more like a cohesive starship for me too. I was resistant to its inclusion when the EM line was smaller, seeing the place it occupies as one being stolen from some on screen ship that might otherwise not be made, but we're at a point now where this range is so epic and deep that there's room for more peripheral canon craft like the Titan and Aventine. I mean, if we're doing stuff like the PotTitanerprises and Andy Probert's concept art Centerprise, then there should be a place for the Titan, too. I am pleased for her fans and look forward to reading about how she was designed, even if I disagree with some of the choices.

    But, if I could go back in time and replace the Titan with a different design that was more unique, I would so risk the wrath of the Department of Temporal Investigations. It's just a bit too referential for my taste, and that's coming from a guy who actually digs some of the older kit-bashy ship designs. I have similar problems with the STO Enterprise F design. I wish the designer had been braver.

    Rant over. You'll never get me signing up to the Titan fanclub, but I am not a hardcore hater.

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    That was a very well reasoned and argued rant. Not really a rant at all

    As for the CBS vault pic, that gives me ideas.....and a desire for more space
    formerly Boris :shame:

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    Basically what Rev said - couldn't put it better myself. It's kinda like the whole kitbashed ships v original designs like the New Orleans. Yeah you might be using familiar parts, but you're making something new with it, not just slapping different bits together and hoping it works.
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    Have you guys ever seen the runner-ups for the USS Titan competition? Check 'em out here. They certainly meet the "something different" criteria, but they're...just not good.

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    That Titan looks rather nice imo. It's almost like every ship ever that had the whole dorsal pod thing going on has been leading up that one.

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    Eh, that's what happens when you let fans design new ships... One of the totally new designs I really quite like, and wouldn't mind seeing as an EM, is the Archer-class scout ship featured in the Vanguard series of novels.
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    Ouch. Yeah, the design we got is the clear winner out of that selection. It has clear advantage in sophistication over its competition, but in this instance that's a low bar to hurdle, as is often the case with fan created ships. I just wish it didn't look so much like a tick box of someone's favourite bits of other ships. Every feature it has can be traced to another ship in which it is better integrated into the overall design. That's really the crux of my criticism of the design.

    Anyways, shutting up now. Sorry to go on.

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    What happened to set 2 of the EM Shuttles? No listing for my store to pick up this week or next week. Are they fixing the mistakes on the decals?

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    I know the note included with my Shuttle Set 2 from the EM store they said they'd send me a replacement for the bad registry shuttle, but I haven't heard if that's impacting the retail release one way or the other.

    The Previews (NA Retail) original ship date was today actually, but as I haven't seen a shipping notice yet I suspect there will be at lease a short delay.

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    I've heard rumours that the retail shuttles would be delayed to sort the Type 15 registry issue... but considering that the info came from EM's customer service, I'd take it with a boulder of salt.
    I just got set 2 (via the US webshop and a friend in the US) and I gotta say I love it, the shuttles are amazing.

    A few new pics: bottom of the Titan, Vidiian, K-7:

    N'awlins and Suliban are out next Wednesday at NA shops, btw.

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