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Thread: Star Trek Titanium or Micro Machine sized ships

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    Star Trek Titanium or Micro Machine sized ships

    Hey all, this might be in the wrong category but I was just curious about whether anyone knew of any ships from the new Star Trek film were going to be produced in titanium, micromachine, or even Hallmark ornament size. I've seen the larger $29+ version with lights, sounds, snack bar, etc.; but I would imagine that someone would put out a Johnny Lighting-type replica.

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    Re: Star Trek XI titanium or Micro Machine sized ships

    I am not sure exactly what size 1:50 scale is but Hot Wheels just came out with some ships with that scale. I think one is from the new movie. That scale may be a bit bigger than what you are looking for. They do look kind of nice though.

    EE Star Trek Link

    Let me know guys if it is ok to post any Star Trek related stuff here. I'm really not sure.

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    Re: Star Trek XI titanium or Micro Machine sized s

    Here's what I know...

    Entertainment Earth's website lists the 2009 movie Enterprise and the new Romulan Narada ships to be released in May, but they're not in the first waves, so I think they have their dates wrong.

    Johnny Lightning lost the license (I think). Correct me if I'm wrong. They were doing a great job on the Legends of Star Trek series. The only thing I didn't like is the extremely long delay between waves. Although the last 2 waves were only a few months apart.

    I got a sneak peek at the Hallmark ornament catalog this year, and they are NOT doing the 2009 movie Enterprise, which totally shocks me! They are making a Klingon battleship instead.

    The only other hope for getting miniature versions of these ships is from Asian toy makers like F-Toys or Furuta.

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    Re: Star Trek XI titanium or Micro Machine sized s

    The F-Toys versions are Titanium scale but they are plastic. I just got the Enterprise NX and the detailing is really good, because it's plastic.

    I'm thinking about picking up a couple of these new die-cast ships. I think they might be close to AF scale or Titanium Ultra. Although I am waiting for the HMS Bounty because I like the Bird of Prey wings in the up position...

    NOTE: WINGS ARE POSITIONABLE!! I didn't know this until images of the BoP surfaced...
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    Re: Star Trek XI titanium or Micro Machine sized s

    I really wish that hot wheels would stop saying that their Star Trek ships are 1:50 scale because the traditional measure of scale is 1 inch on the model is 50 inches on the "actual" and I don't know about anyone else...but I think a 1:50 scale Enterprise-D would be bigger than my 1:1 scale car. Unless they are using some other form of scaling measurement, in which case, the Ent-D is still huge compared to the others.

    Hot Wheels is coming out with the new 1701 from the movie in the second wave.

    I'd also look for Furuta or F-toys to have a good replica soon enough.

    BTW, has anyone seen the Hot Wheels Trek ships in a store yet??


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    Re: Star Trek XI titanium or Micro Machine sized s

    Many thanks to everyone for the info and the ee links! I knew I could count on you guys. It is good to see that Hot Wheels will be doing a new Enterprise and Romulan ship from the movie, albeit kind of strange that they aren't coming out with them in the first wave. nstead we get just what we need, another Enterprise, D, Reliant, and BoP. It's not like they didn't do that with MM, Furuta, F-toys, JL, etc.

    I agree about the scaling too...they seem to be more on 1 inch = 50ft instead of the standing modeling scale.

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    Re: Star Trek XI titanium or Micro Machine sized s

    JL in my book still wins out over more selections. Besides MM, I have yet to see ships like 1701-B, C, Stargazer, Defiant, Runabout and so from Mattel.
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    Re: Star Trek XI titanium or Micro Machine sized s

    True about the others, but both F-toys and Furuta have done versions of the Defiant

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    Re: Star Trek XI titanium or Micro Machine sized s

    I've got the JL series 5 and about to get series 6. Very nice. Been looking out for the HW ships, but nothing yet...looking forward to these.

    I like those F-toys, but a bit pricey. Maybe later on if they go down in price.

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    Re: Star Trek XI titanium or Micro Machine sized s

    Were the Johnny Lightning ships sold in stores? I think I saw one ship, exactly one time, in my local Walmart store and that was it. It wasn't near any other die-cast toys, there were no pegs I could find and I never saw another one.

    I actually doubted for a while that I'd actually seen it till I spent some time on eBay searching and found the line. This must have been back with either wave 1 or 2.

    Anyway, I'll have to be on the lookout for the Hot Wheels versions. They seem like the price is going to be kind of high on them if the EE prices are any indication.

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