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Thread: Official Kotobukiya Buy/Sell/Trade Thread

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    looking for R5-D4....
    Looking for VC20 Yoda on Canadian ROTJ Card

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    Koto Mara Jade and Jaina Solo Bishoujo statues.

    Never been taken out of the box, never built. Bought from a shop and placed on a shelf.

    Hoping to get 400 for the pair which includes shipping within the US.
    nWo 4 LIFE!
    [-o-] (-o-) [-o-]

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    Open to offers on those two statues as well. Reasonable offers.
    nWo 4 LIFE!
    [-o-] (-o-) [-o-]

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    Looking for droids. I already have:

    • R2-D2
    • C3PO red arm
    • BB-8
    • R5-D4
    • R4-M9
    • R2-Q2
    • K2-SO


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    I have 1/7 Maul and shock trooper for sale. Maul is $85 and shock trooper $55. Shipping $8 in he USA.

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    FS: Koto ArtFx 1:7 ROTS Anakin kit $95 shipped in the domestic US. PM me if interested.
    Wants: Solo Force Link Two-packs Han with Chewbacca and Rebolt with Corellian Hound

    My collection:

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    WTB: Bishoujo Mara Jade figurine for a reasonable price please pm me if you have one which you would consider selling.. is written if the Evil Spirit arms the Tiger with claws, Brahman provided wings for the Dove...Thus spoke the Super Guru

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