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Thread: DST: Star Trek

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    DST: Star Trek

    I haven't seen a thread for DST: Star Trek, so maybe I thought I could start one:

    Anyway, I was browsing through TRU today and to my surprise spotted a couple of DST Star Trek products:

    Amok Time 2-figure set: $24.99
    The Motion Picture 2-figure set: $24.99 (with TRU exclusive label)
    Classic phaser (with 40th year anniversary package: $24.99 IIRC.
    Classic Enterprise: $39.99
    Basic figure: $12.99 (only figure there was classic Kirk)
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    Re: DST: Star Trek

    The KHAAAAANNNN Kirk figure is a TRU exclusive also.
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    Re: DST: Star Trek

    Didn't see that one, but thanks for the heads up. Again, haven't seen any DST ST there since 'Enterprise'.
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    Re: DST: Star Trek

    DST just recently made the deal with TRU to carry the product.
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    Re: DST: Star Trek

    Good that these are going to get more exposure. They're very good figures.

    Wonder if they'll filter through to TRU UK...
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    Re: DST: Star Trek

    My TRU had the two packs from the original series and the first movie the other day as well as the phaser. After reading Michael Crawford's review of the phaser, I rushed back there and picked one up. Man is it a sweet piece! I cannot leave it alone, to the point that my wife is becoming quite annoyed with me. My 13 yr old is really digging it too as he was just recently intorduced to the OS via Netflix and is enjoying it quite a bit. My 6 yr old is terrified of it though, as she thinks it is a real "taser" and keeps saying "Don't tase me dad!".
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    Re: DST: Star Trek

    Check these out:

    The Ent-D looks awesome - but an even bigger surprise is the Excelsior:

    and Enterprise-B!!!!!


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    Re: DST: Star Trek if we can just get the Enterprise-C.
    A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing. -George Lucas

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    Re: DST: Star Trek

    I got the TRU exclusive KHAAAN! Kirk off eBay. Not a bad deal. My completism is making me contemplate getting the rest of the TWOK figures.
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    Re: DST: Star Trek

    Are the new TOS Series 5 figures coming out on the old AA-style cards, or the new style Classic Series cards the Kirk & Spock re-release came on recently?

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