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Thread: Millennium Falcon

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    I have one of these still sealed in a box that I bought a long time ago, but its sitting in storage.

    I was browsing through craigslist yesterday, and saw a loose one for a really good price and had to jump on it. Since the one I own is still in the box in storage I never got to see one outside the packaging, and I gotta say wow! this thing is beautiful!

    Would anyone be able to list the common missing parts with this particular item, want to see if I got a complete one.

    Thank you in advance, I'll get a couple of pics up soon.

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    Chess pieces, training remote, floor hatches, missiles, and landing gear, usually. Also see a lot of damage from glued-on landing gear.

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    Someone is asking me if multiple FlightPose stands would work for this. Has anyone tried it or seen a photo?

    I am thinking three 2.5" stand could support the weight but it would just look like it does when the landing gear is down.
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    Gee, I was pricing out what it would cost for my MF Coffee Table display. And it appears that it will run me possibly 3-5 times what I even paid for it!
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