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Thread: Millennium Falcon

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    Quote Originally Posted by TK420 View Post
    Yea, I was watching the prices go up and up over the last few years hoping it would get a re-release. I finally decided the chances of a re-release was getting less and if I wanted one I better get one now. I don't think I could bring myself to modify mine like hanSano did. I am envious of his though.
    If you don't mind me asking how much (approx) did you end up paying for one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calitrooper View Post
    If you don't mind me asking how much (approx) did you end up paying for one?
    I ended up giving 300 for it. It works great and it came with a few extra figures. It is missing a few missles the dejarik pieces, the drop down cannon and training ball. All the landing gear is in good condition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclone View Post
    Perhaps when Robots can take a larger role in production will these things be made again.
    Yeah but then that golden age will end for good on Judgment Day and the war against the machines will begin.

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    Does anyone know if there is any likelihood this will be reissued at any point? Or where I can find one for under 500 bucks with shipping lol?

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    I would not bet on it being re-released, but Hasbro has surprised us before.
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    I love this Bar!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mofo_Jones View Post
    I had opened it up once and played with the electronics for a while, but put it away before assembling it. I finally decided to get it out the other night and everything is in good shape, except that the stickers are dried out and falling off of the sheet.
    Is it normal for stickers like this to dry out (he said this happened after a little over 7 years in storage)? I have a lot of boxed vehicles I've never got around to opening either. I opened a Clone Wars AT-TE this weekend, applied the stickers and they seemed fine. Did the same for a couple of 25th anniversary G.I. Joe vehicles from about the same timeframe and while the G.I. Joe stickers are of a very different, plasticy style than Star Wars stickers, they also seemed to attach well.

    Is it less likely the stickers will dry out on the vehicle than if you leave them on the sheet? Just wondering if this guy's Falcon was exposed to a climate that would've ruined the stickers either way.
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    They might dust off the BMF during the ST's run, plenty of Falcon screen time. After all, the original release had no actual media tie-ins.
    But TFA, TLJ and I suspect EP9 will feature the Falcon fairly well. Well enough to be in the public eye again, and for Kids to actually want it.

    Surely it would sell better than that R1 AT-ACT thingamajig.
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    As far as Hasbro is concerned, they did make a Big Millennium Falcon recently and it had a Nerf 'action feature'. I really doubt that we will ever see the likes of the BMF ever appear again. We can even give them props for the R1 AT-ACT as it had electronics. But that fell on its face.

    Nope. Expect undersized, high priced, Nerf like featured toys from hasbro from now on.

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    Had a bit of time this afternoon so decided to take a few shots with the falcon, enjoy!

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