View Full Version : GG Bust Ups Series 1-3 w/Variants FS LOOK!

01-18-2006, 08:09 AM
I've decided to sell off my collection of Bust Ups. I have every figure from the first 3 series including 2 different Leia's, Vader's and 3 Storm Troopers. All have been displayed and have no boxes but are in MINT condition. I'm asking 70.00 for the lot. The only ones not included in this lot are the Darth Mauls and the silver Boba and Jango. I do not have any of the retail store exclusives. I'm only looking to sell this as a lot. I do not want to sell them individually. I may also consider a partial trade/sale but I only need the Target Shadow clones and Neyo Clones. PM me if you are interested. Most single sets go for 30.00 or so on Ebay, so I believe the asking price is very reasonable